Freeze-drying is an advanced technology of dehydration that retains the form, structure, aroma and nutrients intact. The process involves fruits being frozen at -40 degrees C and then taking it through a vacuum chamber. The moisture within the fruits is slowly removed without inducing too much heat. Freeze-dried fruits are crunchy and easy to eat.
An unopened pack of Frubites remains intact for 2 years! However, once opened, a packet is best enjoyed within 25 minutes. Frubites come in convenient resealable packets, so in the unlikely event that you don’t finish a packet after opening it, you can reseal it to keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight to retain the crunch.
Frubites are made with just one ingredient - 100% real fruit. There are no additives, preservatives or sugar added. Most fruits contain 90% moisture; hence, when the water is removed, the fruit's natural sweetness or savor taste becomes more prominent.
Yes, Frubites can be rehydrated by placing them in water, milk, or any other liquid. However it may not become identical to fresh fruit. It can be best used for salads , dressing of cakes or smoothies post rehydration.
We are constantly trying to make Frubites available to you via different mediums, so that you never run out of them! We are currently retailing through our website, Amazon USA, Hive Brands and Amazon Canada.
If you’re permitted to have real fruits in your diet, you can have Frubites as well. Frubites have no added sugar at all, and contain only the natural occurring sugars in fruits.