A Tale of Passion

World's finest pure fruits snacks.
Honestly & Ethically.

We at Frubites are on a mission to encourage healthy snacking, reduce food wastage & build sustainability, and contribute to a larger good.

Frubites are the cool new way of eating fruits anywhere anytime. During travel, in between meeting, after a workout or on a while relaxing on the beach. Frubites have only one ingredient, i.e. pure freeze-dried fruit with no preservatives, no colour, or artificial flavor. They are Gluten-free and Vegan friendly. Frubites range extends from Medeterrian, Troioical to Exotic fruit in this cool new experience called Frubites.

What is the frubties difference?
We at Frubites care where the fruits come from. That's why we source our fruits from the best and most trusted farms in India. The Fruits are naturally ripened under the sun, to retain all the taste, nutrients and goodness in them. These fruits are then brought to you in the form of a crunchy fruit snack using freeze-drying technology. In this technology, the ripened fruits are cleaned and then quickly frozen. The frozen fruit undergoes freeze-drying with a unique combination of temperature and pressure. The ice crystals in the fruit turn directly into water vapour, leaving the fruit dry and crunchy. This unique process retains the color, flavor, and nutritional value of the fresh fruit. Taste the goodness of fruits in every bite!

Dream to Empower

Dream to Empower

We are proud of our global presence and international standards. However, what we cherish even more is returning to the farms and sharing moments with our farmers.

We have always loved being a vertically integrated brand - no middlemen, no complicated corporate-ish sourcing network, just a simple, honest system of working directly with growers. That way, farmers get better margins, we get to know them first hand, and also closely monitor their practices; it's a win-win.

Happy to partner with you

Frubites is a close-knit, happy family of like-minded people on the same mission; and we love welcoming new partners and growing our network.

If you believe in our dream of making every day snacking healthy, and would like to partner with us, drop us an email.

Whether you are a farmer, a distributor or an angel investor, we would be delighted to connect with you and find ways of working together!

For supply & distribution enquiries:

Email at hello@revsnacks.com

For investor enquiries:

Email at bharat@revsnacks.com

Experience Healthy Snacking in a New Light.
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